About This Blog

This is the official blog of author Jill Domschot — that is, it’s my blog. I write weird speculative stories about dragons, aliens, androids, and breakdancing (my breakdancing book is still in progress). After deluging my protagonists in the Northwest rain, I’ve moved my novel settings to New Mexico, the enchanting land of my heart, where the sun almost always shines. I love God, my family, my dogs, accordions, and … many other beautiful things. Those beautiful things you will find here. They include, but aren’t limited to, studying Spanish (and Finnish, though I haven’t figured out why yet), Catholicism, Mexican music, and exercise of the indoor and outdoor variety.

My book covers and links to their respective Amazon pages are on the side (or below, on some devices). My latest published book is my Roswell alien novel. Since I happen to live in Roswell currently, I had to write it. Please check it out if you like character-driven adventures with a little love thrown in on the side. I give love in my books, and it’s only right that you share the love back by purchasing … right? It’s only fair! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope it brings you joy.

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